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The “Texts Series” was begun in 1999 up until 2002. In 1972 when I arrived in San Francisco from New York, I started to study Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy with my teacher Toshi Sekiyama. I was very inspired by this study. In 1983, I painted a series of works on paper with watercolor also inspired by my connection with calligraphy. I called the series, “Forever Changing” that also employed a form of calligraphy using elements of Nature. The first piece that I did in 1999 was a small work on paper (6” X 4”). I used very small brushes and hand ground my own sumi ink stick on a special stone from Japan. The work started with a small grid, and in each square, I made a mark. This gave me the idea of creating a series of texts using sumi ink and eventually watercolor. Most of the work on paper was very small (2” X 3”/ 4”X6” and 6” X 8”) with the exception of some large works on paper. The largest was 60” by 84” a hand made Japanese paper. The written characters were of my own invention and went through many different stages. There seemed to be a movement of the characters in different directions and also included variations of black and grey tonalities. The small works on paper always felt to me like these intimate worlds. What’s interesting to me is that the scale of the characters are the same in both the small and large works on paper. Some of the work I call Sky Texts and World Texts. Sometimes when I was working on the large works, I found myself traveling to different places, like a journey unfolding and the marks of the brushes moved along with this movement. One time I was in the foothills of Tibet and another on the Arctic glaciers. Most of the time that I worked on this series it was as if I was in a state of meditation.