Christopher Lane
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Selected Collections

In 2009, after not having worked for several years due to illness, I began working again using pen and ink on paper.The drawings were small and topographical in nature and were called Calligraphicscapes. The subject matter included cliffs, mountains, oceans and seas; small worlds. Then in 2010, the pen and ink series on paper continued with a series called "Currents of the World." The drawings mainly dealt with movement of water. These works continued in 2011 and became meditations. I had to be very steady with the pen and pay complete attention to the way the drawings progressed especially the edges of the water. This work relates to a series of paintings I did from 1974 to 1977 called "Traces" which was also based on water. I was interested in how water in an ocean or lake is visible and then disappears and becomes invisible.

From 1991 to 2001 I stopped painting and began working with Slate stone incising the surface with pointed tools (diamond points and carbide steel ones). The recent pen and ink drawings come in part from many of the incised and carved stones I did where there was linear movement that looked like water.

Nothing is ever preplanned. I just start working and the drawings evolve and progress on their own until I am finished. Very often when I have finished a work I look at the drawing the next day and rediscover anew the water movement that I had drawn. Many paintings that I have completed over the years took a long time to do, as much as two years, working exclusively on just one painting.